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A Review of Transmigration Suite

Transmigration Suite is exactly what its title describes – a first class journey through the manifold states of living and dying. Gary takes the reader on a journey through a vast array of situations – some gruesome and terrifying, others beatific and divine – whilst maintaining a clear, panoramic perspective of each. At times the reader is hurled into uncertainty of whether they are coming or going, as the scenes blend into each other in a hectic fervor which titrates rapidly between stability and groundlessness. It is like experiencing all of the bardo states on fast forward. Gary directs this wild journey with remarkable artistry, combining limitless vocabulary with elegant syntax and creative arrangement.

On several occasions, the succinct power of some of the poems made me stop and reflect deeply.  Like entering a maze in which there are no dead ends and no exits, just the unceasing persistence of the next moment’s unfolding.

Gary steps inside of the many forces which create suffering and dances there, deconstructing them with a playful and penetrating awareness.

Transmigration Suite is a fantastic read for all who contemplate the journey of life and death, and especially that which is in-between.

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