Good in the Beginning, Good in the Middle, Good in the End

Photos by E. Malloy

Taking Refuge

The intangible is our refuge
The difficulty is
It’s invisible

While remaining visible
It is difficult
Not to believe our eyes

The seeing
Of things

Seeing no thing
We acquiesce
In the nothing
Of nothingness

With luck
Falling off horse

Of the gap

Believing only in
Eye-ness of eyes
We join the hosts
Of non beings
Speaking directly
The we
Of us
The ones
Not there

Indelibly Sad

(Inspired by Mingyur Rinpoche)

Take all your clothes off
he said
I am my clothes I said
Whatever do you mean?

No answer

Just do that thing
All aspire to
But never do
Until death unclothes us

We’re just practicing now
he said
No harm
You can put them back on at any time
Until you tire of that
Then just leave them off
Take a walk
Go swimming
You’ll notice when you do
That walking naked
Is just what’s required
To answer that question
You always have
What is left?
You always wanted to know
At least you always said you did he said
In that way he had
Of never looking back
Or going forward really
But always on the move

I swear
I’ll never really know
How all of that works
How I mean
The journey without goal
Inevitably gets you there
In spite of there being
No there
No there that one can discern upon arrival
Though from afar
Or even middle distance
Seems to be such a place
As real as real
Like the clothes we are
Or seem to be

The Poet’s Final Directive

Embalm me please
Walnut baking pieces
Cranberry Jam

Roll me over
Sing to me
The song
We waited to sing
’Till just now
You’ll know the one

Strike the match
Lite the
Joyous pyre
Of primal
And wonder

We’ll celebrate
The traverse
Just this way
And go our
Parting way
To love again

Looking forward to it!

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