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Love Your Enemy

Love Your Enemy

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There is a time, there is a place, where I find peace.

I’ve been looking for light, here in the dark, where everything has fallen apart.

What can we do, when we are broken in two, and all we feel is pain?

Where is the part, the part of my heart, that loves my enemy?


The circle of life includes day and night, it has no beginning or end.

All caught up in thought, “do I like it or not?” I created my enemies and friends.

Each one plays a role, as they tug at my soul. Sometimes it feels like hell.

May a part of me know, how I can be whole, so my heart can ring, as clear as a bell.


Go out for a walk; give yourself a talk. Do you need to be brave or be consoled?

Whatever the pain, be it truth or lies, is it a friend, or a friend in disguise?

You might cry or shout, but don’t push it away – whatever you’re feeling today.

Cuz this might be the start, to find the part of your heart, to love your enemy.


From out of the dark the sun will arise, but it always brings a shadow along.

Seems every new day, tries to show us the way—that the shadow and the sun are one.

In other’s company, may we live in harmony, and may we feel at ease.

May this be the time, may this be the place, where we find peace.

© written by Jim Fladmark, December 2020

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