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Poems from Peter to Lynele

Poems from Peter to Lynele




Walking on the road in the moonlight,

Mist rising from the hills

Last night I missed you so much,

My arms ached

Yet the next day the beauty of all the forms and trees was very vivid and quite intact

How could love be absent?

My first lord told me “Love is the natural human condition.”

The night before, my new lord said, in a song,

“When ocean and light meet

Rainbows are inevitable.”

What happens when sunlight reaches the spring forest?


1992 – Peter Aucott





Vast open sky

Makes open heart come easy

I can’t tell one from the other

But my heart is in my throat

When I speak to you

So the location must be portable

I was frightened and emboldened

When I fell in love

Because I can’t tell the difference


Sometimes between me and you

All these wrong turnings, to end up here

This location must be deep

And travels well

I am amazed that I can hear

The roar of the Werma

In the crash of the pinecones

And in your tenderest sigh


7/25/1992 – Peter Aucott





For years these poems came late at night

Sufficiently very drunk to illuminate the dark

But always suffused with darkness

With a howl beyond tears

Now I bring my youthful mind into the light

And it’s the light in people’s eyes and in their faces

And most of all, the cool blue joy in your eyes

That I see – heartbroken, with my heart in my throat

I rejoice to be able to see this –

The grace and beauty of my lover moving through

This dharma world

Same task, all these years – to ride the yearning

And care without grasping


1992 – Peter Aucott


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