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1 The Basis Camillya Madigan, S. E. Savage
2 Between Words Michael Roche
3 Night Bird Roche
4 Senryu III Falling Asleep Eileen Malloy
5 Senryu IV Kids Malloy
6 Side of the Driveway Frank Ryan
7 L’Xanax Malloy
8 Instant F. Ryan
9 Senryu V Neighbor’s Dog Malloy
10 Marigolds Ryan
11 Late Friday NIght Ryan
12 Walking the Pond Ryan
13 November 11 Ryan
14 I Want to Love You But I Don’t Know How Maddy Radish
15 Senryu VII Squirrel Malloy


The Basis

Camillya Madigan & S. E. Savage


What gets you down?

All the things.

All the things you ignore on a daily basis.

I will not list them.


The way she crams the refrigerator with food


The way she dawdles over the vegetables for dinner


The way she ignores the cat needs water


The way she dismisses me when her family is around


The thermostat on the back porch.


You are a buddha.


I am a buddha.


SMR is the buddha.


I am a buddha.




love it!


My version would only change in this way:


You are a buddha. annoying


I am a buddha. annoyed


SMR is the buddha. has annoyed many people


I am a buddha. still annoyed



between words

Michael Roche


in the spaces

between words


that space,

the pause,

the gulf of silence


vivid, thrumming, uncertain

wide-eyed life!


in words



in certainty




worse . . .



life on autopilot



missing in action

a program


an endless loop.


but over there

in the space

between words


tingling vibrant


each moment



copyright michael roche    213 cardinal lane   fredericksburg, tx 78624  830.990.2275



night bird

Michael Roche



they say the early bird catches the worm


( my daddy told me this, in serious / not serious and therefore must be very serious somber tone and glance )


but i don’t want worms



so i will be a night bird


i will stir in late afternoon

golden light


making gleaming, glowing

homes, offices, trees, grass

you might say making angelic

earth objects

( but i won’t say that – someone might be offended )


then glory light



falls into blurry shapes


and so the night


yes i will be a night bird

i will soar above the city


as children nestle down to sleep

and adults meet

and long for

what they long for


and some desires are sated

and most men, women, children and beasts


into dreamland


if early bird catches the worms


night bird flies free

night bird has time

to dream


copyright Michael Roche



Senryu III

Eileen Malloy


Falling asleep, cat

purrs in my right ear.

Rain falls in my left.




Senryu IV

Eileen Malloy


Kids playing hard, way

past dark. Their wild screams sound out

their lust for freedom.



Side of the Driveway

Frank Ryan


When you look out

by side of the driveway

where sheer cliff drops

toward cluster of trees, jagged rocks

and circling bushes,

open sky holds you

like a tender friend


When you back

the electric or gas propelled car

from the garage

don’t be entranced by the music,

swaddled in alcohol

distracted by the past

or anticipating the next To_Do


Descend the sinuous road

windows open

gradually picking up speed,

cliff to the right

unyielding rock to the left—

every fiber every level




L’ Xanax

Eileen Malloy


Nobody got separated

Nothing got left behind

Nothing was lost

Nothing was missed

Nothing was forgotten

We didn’t run out of gas

No one got sick from the mussels

No connection was missed

The stairs were not too much

The toothpaste did not run out.




Frank Ryan



two a.m. on the granite shelf

teetering above restless ocean

beneath the dark sky

diving in leaving no wake


the two of us

drawing deeper and deeper

swiftly united

no doubt no hesitation


top of Katahdin

panorama spreading below


only whisper of breeze


empty streets of Brooklyn

after the clubs have closed


of invisible tears



Senryu V The Neighbor’s Dog

Eileen Malloy


The neighbor’s dog is

barking a perfect triple

HUM. He should umdze.




Frank Ryan



young child

walking slowly

asphalt path

circling pond

ventures out

onto open fields

sage grass, marigold


no journals

no photos


direct moment



Late Friday Night

Frank Ryan


Just after 2:00 am late Friday

after evening of dancing drinking jostling,

gliding into well-tuned Chevy Camaro


revving the engine in quiet command

little traffic

seemingly few cop cars patrolling,

uninhibitedly gunning down Orange Street

flying through three greens

then pausing for a moment

as steady red light illuminates the wet street;

final right turn onto I-91 (N)

where sixteen-wheelers

now prowl…



November Eleventh

Frank Ryan


Woke by myself mountain cold 3:00 am

Saturday, November eleven

placed bare feet on the floorboards

stared unwavering directly into the darkness

resting my mind.


Fired up water kettle on propane stove

ignited the logs stacked the night before

realized that twenty-six years ago

as I had zigged and zagged on the soccer field

adjacent to the Weeks Senior Rest Home

in Newton, Massachusetts,

my major heart vessel ruptured

dropping me like the proverbial

ton of bricks

to the ground

in front of my daughter and her pals.


Subsequently my very fine cardiologist

from Beth Israel Deaconess hospital

in Boston, Massachusetts mentioned to me

that ordinarily the technical term for a person

who suffers such a Myocardial infarction

on an outside playing field

is “corpse”


Susan rushed there

but the situation was indeterminate


Have been told,

since I certainly don’t remember,

that a chap from a nearby field

immediately applied expert

cardiopulmonary resuscitation

for the twenty minutes it took

for the ambulance to arrive.


To this day I was never introduced

to this gentleman

nor have I ever made the effort

to offer thanks

don’t you think that would be

the decent thing to do

somewhere along those twenty-six years?


Have also been told

that without the intervention of

said mysterious gentleman

I was two and a half minutes

from death

which usually is not the point

of any parents/players friendly soccer game

on a chilly Autumn morning.


Every morning,

without fail,

I wake up and place my feet on the floor,

stare unwavering directly into the darkness

rest my mind–

and remember that day.



I Want To Love You But I Don’t Know How

Maddy Radish


For CM and DW


You don’t meet hostility and aggression with hostility and aggression.

We all should know that

Our path is so genteel and pacifying.


Somewhere a block away

Someone with big speakers is playing Voodoo Child


Even though I am a shameful student,

my mind is rich with gold from my teacher.



Senryu VII

Eileen Malloy


The Stones singing

Cherry Oh Baby does not

register on the fat squirrel in the yard




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