Things the Cat Does and Does Not Know

  1. The cat does not know that the doggie door is there for him. He thinks it’s just something he discovered by happy accident.


  1. The cat understands that his whole life is to be petted. He really gets that.


  1. The cat does not know how I know when he’s scratching the furniture in the next room. He doesn’t know that I can hear it; he thinks I’m just really, really smart.


  1. The cat definitely knows when he chases a squirrel up the tree, that he is sovereign of his domain.


  1. The cat either does or does not know that when he kneads me with his claws, it hurts.


  1. The cat does not know his fur is very soft, and petting him is enjoyable to me, too.


  1. The cat knows that what lies beyond the backyard fence is terrifying and wonderful.


  1. The cat is not aware how predictable he is about treats.


  1. At first the cat thought squirrels would chase him, but now he knows they don’t.


  1. The cat does not know that I don’t get to sleep all day.


  1. The cat does not know how to leave room for me on the bed.


  1. When I brush him, and it’s January, and his skin is dry, the cat knows heaven.

One Response

  1. Yes! So true.

    I heard that cats are known to be Libertarians — insisting on total individual freedom, yet oblivious to how much is provided to allow them to feel as free as they feel.

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