The Practitioners’ Quandary

This Winter 2022 issue finds me reflecting on what this is, what we would call it, where it’s going, what it means.  Like I was in an ambiguous relationship with it or something.

This magazine, I call it, was first conceived as a dharma Good Housekeeping or Ladies Home Journal.  Full of helpful information immediately relevant to everyday life, like love advice and manners, with a dose of art and some straight up dharma articles sewn together with it.

It was founded on the premise that my friends and I are brilliant, funny, at least somewhat realized, and full of ideas and wisdom to share with the world.  What I didn’t count on was that most of them are also inordinately shy about writing.  None of them think of themselves as writers, with a few, very notable exceptions.

So this issue includes a reflection on the merits of writing, to clarify your mind and release yourself from knotty problems, beneath a plea for submissions.

Thanks for reading, dear readers, and do drop a line or 50,000.

Eileen Malloy




This fall 2021 issue is full of spiritual and cultural pith, wisdom, and celebration.  May you be drunk with spiritual blessings.